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Mid 1920's, Amanda Findley was born in a small Nevada mining town. When her father killed her mother, she was tossed without regard into an orphanage. By 1949, the mining town had dried up and another small town was formed called Long Island which was there to support a semi-secret military base.

Amanda, failing to gain a foothold on life, found herself on a street one night with less than $10 in her purse and no where to go. It became clear, her life was in a downward spiral and she decided right there to end it. She would kill herself the same way her mother died.

Someone else had different plans. Amanda was saved by someone named Mary. Mary was Amanda herself from the future; at least it seems. They are accompanied by a mysterious black book which has answers to many things in life.

Together they navigate life, adventure and love in a town where the militarily is conducting experiments which are believed to follow those of the Manhattan projects. If their experiments were ever to become successful, the base would have moved the residence out of town and become fully top secret.

Today, no evidence of Amanda nor the base exist except for this account. Maybe one day, we will learn more about . . .


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Using the Arduino to control a Kiln for Powder Coating:

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